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Woolie Warmer is one lambing tool no shepherd should be without. This highly effective system for reviving hypothermic lambs born in harsh conditions pays for itself the first time you use it. We loved it so much we offered to distribute it in the US.

The strong plastic container is the correct size and shape to hold a lamb with a rubber sling to support it's body in the water. The head hole is shaped to support the neck and keep the face out of the water to prevent drowning. The tight fitting lid with clasp fastener retains heat and holds the lamb still, whilst the strong handles allow easy carrying of the Woollie Warmer. The tapered base gives the Woollie Warmer stability, enabling it to be used alongside the ewe. The insulation properties of the Woollie Warmer help keep the water warm.

Benefits of the Woolie Warmer:

  • Saves the lives of otherwise healthy lambs
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Saves time tending to cold lambs
  • Cost effective - save 2-3 lambs and it's paid for itself
  • Tough & robust - made from medium density polyethylene plastic
  • No electricity or batteries needed
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully portable
  • Similar effect to giving lamb a warm bath
  • Limits time lamb is away from ewe
  • Lamb returns to ewe warm & steaming as if just delivered
  • The sling supports the lamb in an upright position
  • Neck support holds lamb's head out of water thus preventing drowning
  • Head is free - allowing tube feeding and medication
  • Leaves shepherd free to do other jobs
  • Water stays warm for up to an hour
  • Very quick recovery time period
  • Developed by a Yorkshire farmer's wife
  • Made in Britain