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Dorset wool is a medium fiber wool that spins easily. It is considered one of the softest breeds in the Down classification of wool types. The fleeces are lofty, air-trapping, and very warm, with locks and minimal crimp in the raw fleece. It is commonly used for long-wearing socks, sweaters, and other outer garments. It is our flock’s normal shelter. It keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Each Spring, just before lambing, we shear our sheep and send it to our woolen mill.

Our blankets, yarn, and roving start as raw wool from our sheep. First, the wool is washed with liquid soap and hot water. Raw wool contains 10 to 25 percent grease or "lanolin," which is recovered during the scouring process. After the wool is washed, it weighs almost forty percent less, now that the dirt and grease are out. The wool is then dried.A carding machine combs and brushes the wool into roving material. The wool is then spun into yarn.

The wool yarn is warped onto a loom. Sixteen hundred warp threads make up a blanket, and each one is fed through a loom. After the blankets are preshrunk in steaming hot soap and water, they are hung to dry in the dry house, and brushed again to make them fluffy, then hemmed, folded and packaged for shipment back to the farm.


Our 100% virgin wool heirloom blanket will keep you toasty warm this winter and cool in the summer.

The blankets are made from the wool of our Polled Dorset sheep and are preshrunk. They are available in two styles – Natural with Colour Stripe, or Colour with Natural Stripe in a variety of colours (the same as our yarn colors).

Blankets and other woolen products are also available for purchase at Yellow Creek Trading Company in Peninsula, the Land of Make Believe in Hudson, and the Perkins Stone Mansion Gift Shop in Akron.

Order custom designs in any colour stripes or tartan patterns. Contact us for more information on custom orders.


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